Want a Different Kind of Health Club? Come Work from the Inside Out w Kathryn Keats

I know you keep trying to work it out on the treadmill. I know you keep climbing the stair master and running that mile. I even see that you joined cross fit. I know you’re in Yoga, too. And I hear you saying you’re still not satisfied. I wanna make a proposal. I want you to join an altogether different kind of health club.  Explore another way to get yourself motivated. Give yourself another option. Create a new narrative. I’m giving you a place to do it. And I’m going to give you absolute support to do it. 

Come into the Studio and explore who you are from the Inside Out. Then all that work you’ve been doing from the Outside In is gonna start making some sense.

Come to the Studio and explore who you are as an actual living and breathing piece of Art that deserves time and space to become as unique as you are.

 Take the time to actually decide what you really want to DO so you actually are doing what you WANT! 

It’s gonna be QUICK and you’ll be on your way. 

This ones for YOU. 

Kathryn Keats
Award Winning Coach & Perfomer
(415) 516-6281
In Studio & Virtual
Sliding Scale

Photo by Cynthia Smalley Photo 


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