Actors & Performers        You Are Enough 

Philosophy of an Acting/Singing Performance CoachKathryn Keats – award winning  SAGAFTRA AEA artist is best known as a singer/songwriter but it’s her work passing the torch to actors and music artists that gives her the joy she has carried with her during her long career in show business; If you believe you have something to say creatively I’ll practice with you to discover the way only you do it and you’ll do it well. So well, in fact, that you’re going to be able create and perform in whatever capacity you visualize yourself. Time and time again Keats has coached actors & music artists to  success. She insists its not because of her. It is 100% because her artists discover their uniqueness and uncanny veracity for their craft and how to maintain emotional equilibrium. She offers them technique, yes, and that’s the system. We all know you gotta have a system. But you also have to be able to support that system which takes the ability to practice discipline and a work ethic and commitment to self care and, most importantly, the insistence of creating the habit of self love. Keats says, ‘So, look, I don’t want to go all showbiz on you, but if someone is an artist, their nerve endings are probably longer than their appendages, and it’s my job, as their coach, to look out for them; to make sure they have the ability to understand how much they deserve to be on the planet because they are serving it as artists. And artists are necessary. It’s how I practice myself. And it’s how I practice with others. So that’s what I do. And I’m lucky I can. 

Sessions with Kathryn Keats are available in Los Angeles San Francisco and Globally via FaceTime and Skype 

Contact for an interview and for more information. 

Or call (415) 516-6281


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