Actors … You Made It to the City

So you made it to the big city. You got your parents to finally understand that this was your path. Or maybe they didn’t. And you’ve got some decent acting or music chops. But what the heck is going on here? How does this thing call show business really work? Ok, I’ve been in this industry my entire life. I’ve worked in all aspects of the business, and I still do, and when we talk I’ll fill you in and give you all of my references because, unlike you, I’ve never really wanted to be an actor but I know how to position you to be a working one. From the core of your being to the way you show up …I’ll collaborate with you to put this puzzle together. And you’ll start to have a blast. Because showbiz and Art should be fun. It’s not brain surgery. But you gotta understand how it’s done in order to get to work. And for goodness sake, keep studying! Alright, there’s more, oh, I can coach you on FaceTime and Skype. I really look forward to hearing from you. I have a sliding scale so relax. We will work it out so you can do this thing. Go ahead and call me. Give yourself a chance to learn about how you do this thing. 

Kathryn Keats
Award Winning Coach & Perfomer
(415) 516-6281
In Studio & Virtual
Sliding Scale

Photo – Actor Kayla Moore


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