How To Get An Agent

I received an email from an actor, whom I’ve never met or heard from, this morning asking if I can help her get an agent or suggest who she submit to if I see potential in a actor. Very fair question. We could all pretend that there is some line we are not suppose to cross here and by that I mean that coaches are suppose to stay out of helping our artists move forward by giving you our connects … except for one tiny thing … coaches are artists and we usually have agents and contacts and we want you to ACT so this is what I replied oh …. and it’s showbiz.

Dear Awesome Actor,
This absolutely depends so much on your willingness to work toward getting one. If you are willing and want this I can steer you in the direction where you will get an agent. My artists have them because they have worked very hard to learn their craft as actors and were ready to be signed by agents when we sent them in. If you have studied and are ready you will get represented by an agent. I will always suggest good union affiliated agents.

In short – study. Do the work. The rest will follow.

Kathryn Keats
Artist & Coach
Studio & Virtual


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